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Dyshawn Pierre has been with Canada Basketball since the age of 16 and competed in the FIBA u17 and u19 tournaments.. The Whitby, Ont. native led his Dayton Flyers squad through the March Madness tournament, beating Ohio State, Syracuse and Stanford before being defeated by Florida in the Elite Eight. Get to know one of Canada Basketball's rising stars in this week's feature.

CB: You have been representing Canada since back in 2010, where you played with the Cadet team, and 2011 where you played with the Junior team. What does it mean to you to represent Canada?

It means a lot to me. Growing up, I always wanted to play at the highest levels of basketball and being able to play and represent my country is an honour.  

CB: You played on Canada’s bronze medal winning U17 team with guys like Andrew Wiggins, Kevin Pangos, Anthony Bennett and Olivier Hanlan. What is your fondest memory/moment you can recall from playing with that special team back in 2010?

We all just had fun with the process. We enjoyed playing with each other and hanging out together and winning the bronze medal was the best memory/moment that has happened for me.

CB: What were your personal and team goals coming into this 2013-14 season and did you achieve them?

The big thing that I focused on this season was being a team player and doing things that would put our team in the best position to succeed. Personally, I wanted to be a teammate that could be counted on, on and off the court.

CB: Your Dayton squad had a terrific season this year finishing with a 26-11 record overall and making it all way to the Elite 8 during the tournament where you ran into a very strong Florida Gators team. Your personal performance has been solid, averaging 11.2 ppg and 5.5 rpg.  In what area have you seen the most growth in your game over the last two years, and what areas of your game do you intend to focus on this summer?

Being able to read the game a lot better, understanding when to take a good shot, when to make an extra pass, knowing when and where my teammates like to have the ball. I feel more comfortable from my freshman year to my sophomore year. This summer is another summer to work on my body in the weight room. Continuing to work on shooting and ball handling will be a big part of my workouts this summer.

CB: For those who may have never seen Dyshawn Pierre play, who would you say your game resembles most/is modeled after? Do you pattern any of your moves off of other players, or do you have a style all your own?

I don’t have a player I think I play like. I do try to take moves from professional players and learn new things from their game.

CB: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

A lot of times I will listen to music (Drake) from my phone a couple hours before game time to start preparing for tip off. Basically I just avoid all distractions.

CB: When you’re away at school, what do you miss most about Canada?

I miss my family the most and sometimes the food! I like it here at Dayton but nothing beats home.

CB: What advice do you have for young Canadian kids, looking to progress in basketball and become an elite player like yourself?

Enjoy getting better and work hard. Results will show if you put the work in. Stay humble.