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The Canada Basketball Centre for Performance (CP) program has been the entry way for many national team athletes into the high performance path.

The program began with a pilot on the girls’ side with Basketball B.C. The subsequent roll-out took place over the next three years. The concept is to bring the best athletes in the province together to train in national curriculum with an international focus in a simulated Canadian team environment – skill, concepts, physical training, nutrition, etc. It also exposes athletes to what will be expected of them should they be selected to represent Canada on the national stage.

“The Centre for Performance programs across the country have been tremendous contributors to the successes and progressive improvement of our overall Canadian Women’s National Team Programs over the past twelve years,” said Denise Dignard, Director, Women’s High Performance at Canada Basketball. “This could not have been achieved without the commitment and support of our provincial partners in operating the CP program, recruiting top prospects, engaging top quality coaches to deliver the national curriculum and in providing additional support towards the top prospects’ quest to become world class and represent Canada on the top international stage.”

Kim Smith was part of the original class with Basketball B.C. in 2000. Chelsea Aubrey, Alisha Tatham, Natalie Achonwa and Courtnay Pilypaitis all graduated from the Ontario CP program. Michelle Plouffe trained through the Alberta CP and Krista Phillips trained with the Prairies CP.
“I used to look forward to my "CP" weekends in high school.  I relished the opportunity to compete against the best players in the province under the guidance of some amazing coaches.  I felt like I improved my game every single weekend session.  The summer following my first year in CP I was selected to the Junior and Senior women's national team.” – Olympian Kim Smith on her time with the Centre for Performance program

By 2012, Kim, Chelsea, Alisha, Natalie, Courtnay, Michelle and Krista marched onto the Olympic stage in London! Seven of the 12 athletes on our Olympic basketball team that qualified for the quarterfinals are graduates of the CP program.

There is a proven track record of this program. The best coaches in Canada help these young athletes train as a group and in small training pods in order to reach their peak.

The training program is designed specifically for the Train to Compete stage of the LTAD model. Canada Basketball works hand-in-hand with the provincial and territorial basketball associations.
"Exposure to the finest quality coaching and competition during CP training sessions has fostered the best possible outcomes for B.C. athletes,” stated Ross Tomlinson, Basketball BC Technical Director and Manager for Sport Performance. “Centre for Performance participants are challenged to attain the highest level of athletic and mental development personally possible. By embracing this challenge, CP athletes strive toward this objective and for Kim Smith, Levon Kendall, Emma Wolfram, Robert Sacre and Kelly Olynyk, to name but five, in attaining their ultimate aspiration of playing with Canada's National Team program.”

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