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Q- Where can I find my CC#?

A- First go to coach.ca. On the right hand side of the website, it will reach "My Locker", hover over that tab, then press the Profile button. This will then bring you to the log-in screen. From here you can press the "lookup my NCCP#" button. You will then follow the steps on the screen to retrieve your CC#. 

Q- How do my old NCCP modules transfer over into the new system?

A- Take a look at our Transfer Guide. It outlines how each of the old modules fits into the new system. The guide will also outline your next steps in getting certified in the new system.

Q- When are the next NCCP Clinics being held in my area?

A- If you look at the Clinics Tab, all of the upcoming clinics in each province are listed.

Q- How do PD points work? How many do I need to keep my certification?

A- Take a look at our Maintenance of Certification page. Here it will break down the rules for the PD points, the number you need for each context and how to achieve these points.

Q- When are the upcoming coach schools or conferences for coaches?

A- All of the upcoming coach schools are listed here. You can also contact your local P/TSO, for more information about local coach schools and conferences.

Q- What course should I take if I want to coach high school, elementary school, etc.?

A- Based on our LTAD model we have broken the NCCP Clinics down into four different streams: community sport, competition introduction, competition development and high performance.

Each of these streams focuses on different levels of competition in the sport.

Each clinic is targeted for specific age ranges:

  • Active Start 0-6 year olds

  • FUNdamentals F 6-8, M6-9

  • Learn to Train F 8-11, M 9-12

  • Train to Tain F 11-15, M12-16

  • Train to Compete, F 15-18+, M16-18+

  • Learn to Win F 18-23+, M18-25+

  • Train to Win F 23+, M25+.

*Please note that these provided age targets are just guidelines, and coaches can take further certification than is recommended. 

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