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FIBA licence

What do I do to get my FIBA licence for NCCP coaches?

The application to fill out can be found here

Why get a FIBA Licence?

The overall objective of the FIBA Licence is to create a productive interaction between FIBA and the TOP coaches in all countries around the world that will in turn contribute to global basketball coach development. As a Canada Basketball (CB) Train to Compete certified coach in the CB Coaching Education Model (as seen below), get your FIBA Licence as a top coach in the National Coaching Certification Program Competition Development stream. 

Other benefits of the FIBA Licence?

  • Worldwide recognized licence that will be issued from Canada. The Canadian FIBA licence is recognized with CB's level of coach education by FIBA and all other countries
  • All coaches need their FIBA licence to work with national team programs or coach at FIBA competitions
  • Will become a standard requirement for applications for coaching careers

With your FIBA licence, you will also automatically become a member of the World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC), which will allow you to get involved with: 

  • The worldwide basketball coaches community
  • Contributing to different decision in multiple areas (e.g. Basketball Rules...), through future consultations (e.g. survey...)
  • Further information/tools from WABC/FIBA, which will help your development
  • Opportunities to connect with coaches in the community, to share your knowledge and to learn from others.

Who can get their FIBA Licence?

To be eligible for this certification a coach must be Train to Compete Certified or Level 3 Certified plus have completed and passed the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) course and online exam. 

Please note that while completing the MED course and online exam this will also automatically give a Level 3 Certified coach a Train to Compete certified status in the new NCCP context.

For further description of the course please see CB's website and coach education course description.

How do I get my MED if I have the old NCCP Level 3?

The MED competition development evaluation is to be completed by logging into the Locker and selecting the "eLearning" option from the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the screen. 

Successfully completing the MED Online Evaluation - Competition Development is necessary for Train to Compete certification and the FIBA licence. Canada Basketball and CAC highly recommend that you take the MED course prior to taking the online evaluation. 

The course and evaluation cost $85 combined. If you go straight to evaluation, please note that you only have two attempts at the evaluation.

How do I get my FIBA licence?

What is the Locker?

The Locker is a CAC database that holds all of your coaching certifications. It replaced the old "CAC coaching report card." It's an online learning place where coach education is offered. 

The Application Form

For the registration, Canada Basketball will have to collect the following for each coach:

  • First name (mandatory) as seen on your passport
  • Last name (mandatory) as seen on your passport
  • Date of Birth (mandatory) 
  • Citizenship (mandatory) and Second Citizenship (if applicable)
  • Current City and Country of residence (mandatory)
  • Education Level (mandatory)
  • Email address (mandatory)
  • Phone number (optional)
  • A passport copy (mandatory) - JPEG, GIF or BMP
  • A passport headshot (mandatory) - JPEG, GIF or BMP

This should be done by downloading and filling out the FIBA Licence Application Form and emailing it back to

The Headshot 

  • The headshot must be in the JPEG, GIF or BMP format that is no larger than 5 MB
  • If provided with a headshot that fits the requirements Canada Basketball can crop the headshot to fit the format requirements listed before uploading your application to FIBA
  • Headshot requirements listed by FIBA that will prompt errors
    • The headshot is cut
    • The headshot is not centered
    • The headshot is not in colour
    • The headshot is not zoomed in enough
    • The quality of the headshot is not good enough


The Passport

A digital copy of your passport will be required as part of the registration. The file must be no larger than 5 MB. The Passport Number may be blocked out however all of the other information must be visible. This information will be cross referenced ith the registration form and entered into the database. Your passport will only be seen by Canada Basketball and FIBA as the information is uploaded in to the database.

The passport is required because you cannot be a FIBA Coach and a player agent at the same time. This document helps prevent people from entering both systems. A passport is also necessary to verify your nationality and citizenship.

Your passport will only be needed for the initial registration so as you renew your passport you will not have to provide it to Canada Basketball or FIBA.

Other FAQ

Who will have access to my profile?

Will my Date of Birth show on anything from FIBA?

  • Yes, your Date of Birth will appear on your FIBA Coaching Card as well as on the FIBA Certified Coach's page.

I have a combination of old and new NCCP, where do I stand?

  • See the chart below.
What I haveWhat I need to be certified T2CWho do I contact?
Theory 3 & Technical 3

- Train to Compete Coach Portfolio

- Train to Compete practice & game observation

- Complete the MED module and/or online exam

Please contact your Provincial Basketball Organization
Technical 3

- Train to Compete Coach Portfolio

- Train to Compete practice & game observation

- Complete the MED module and/or online exam

- 6 multi-sport modules (Developing Athletic Ability, Coaching and Leading, Conflict Management, Injury Prevention, Psychology of Performance and Doping Prevention)

Please contact your provincial basketball organization for the portfolio and practice/game observations

For more information on the multisport modules offered in your province and schedule click here

Theory 3

- Train to Compete Coach Portfolio

- Complete the MED module and/or online exam

- Three Train to Compete Basketball Modules (Teaching Basketball Skills, Strategies and Tactics and Planning)

Please contact your Provincial Basketball Organization

 If you have any other questions or concerns, or would like additional information, please contact 


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