Junior Men`s National Team testing by Sport Testing Inc.


Toronto, ON – June 12 - Canada Basketball today announced a partnership with Sport Testing Inc. to provide basketball-specific athletic performance testing across its national programs.  Athletic performance testing is increasingly used by amateur and professional sports associations across North America, giving athletes and coaches a wealth of individualized information to assess an athlete’s capability as part of developing personalized training programs and promoting talent in an organization. 

Sport Testing Inc. is the industry standard for sports testing—eliminating guesswork for athletes, coaches and scouts in benchmarking performance at every level of sport. Tests designed by the Sport Testing’s experts simulate game play to scientifically assess skills and fitness. Athletes are typically invited to events known as “sport combines” that combine certain sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level depending on the sport.

“Sport Testing is respected for conducting professional combines across many sports.  Its highly accurate testing technology, comprehensive data collection and analysis, and staff expertise made them the obvious choice,” said Michele O’Keefe, Executive Director at Canada Basketball. “Together with Sport Testing, we will be able to give our young hopefuls detailed information about their performance and progress as they develop.”

Canada Basketball, which recently announced Victoria-born NBA star Steve Nash as the new GM for its senior men’s program, will use the results of these assessments as an important tool in identifying top talent.

“We are looking forward to our partnership with an organization that shares our enthusiasm and vision,” said Jonathon Hollins, President of Sport Testing. “Our combines are becoming essential in all sports.  Athletes, coaches, scouts and even parents want to know where athletes stand among their peers, as well as their progress over time.” 

Canada Basketball and Sport Testing will operate talent identification testing combines throughout Canada with stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. All Canada Basketball athletes will be invited to attend these combines and participate in basketball-specific testing protocols that assess the athletes’ endurance, reaction times, speed, agility and strength. Details will be announced soon.

To see Sport Testing Inc. website, click here.