This series lets you get to know the men and women from our national team programs. This time we discover Mississauga, ON native Andrew Nicholson who is currently playing in the NBA for the Orlando Magic.

Canada Basketball (CB): After participating in the 2012 Men’s camp, this was your first summer competing with Team Canada. What does it mean to you to play for your Country?

Andrew Nicholson (AN): It means the world to me playing and representing my country through the game I love



CB: Describe the differences, if any, in your playing style when competing in the NBA vs. FIBA competition.

AN: No difference in what I do I just play every game the same way



CB: What is your best memory/moment playing for Canada?

AN: Best memory was just being able to travel to different places with my fellow teammates



CB: What do you miss most about Canada?

AN: I miss the people the food and my family



CB: What has been the toughest challenge/adjustment for you personally since entering the NBA?

AN: Taking care of your body through a long grueling season





CB: When the NBA schedule comes out, which cities do you look forward to visiting the most & why?

AN: Toronto for sure because I love playing in front if friends and family



CB: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

AN: No rituals, really I just watch film



CB: What advice do you have for young Canadian kids, looking to progress in basketball and become an elite player like you?

AN: Work harder than the next guy and continue to master your craft