Canada Day 2012 will always be a special date for us at Canada Basketball:  that’s the day our Senior Women’s National Team secured a berth at the London Olympic Games. This series of Q&A’s with our national team players helps you get to know the inspiring women who are part of that team that will represent Canada proudly in London. 

Hometown: Mission, British Columbia

High School: Heritage Park Secondary School

University:University of Utah
Years with Canada Basketball: 10
Games with Canada Basketball: 124 




 Canada Basketball - What is your favorite Olympic memory? 

Kim Smith - The last Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  It was my home province and I was able to go home and enjoy it for a week.  I walked the city, attended a couple of events and got to witness it all.  The spirit in the country was amazing!  I have never seen so many Canadian flags in my life.  It didn't make it hard to dream big about London.  

CB - Which team are you most looking forward to playing against in London? 

KS - I guess Russia because it is our first game.  I don't care who we play, I just can't wait to start the games!

CB - What do you think the biggest challenge will be for you and the team at these games?

KS - I will be interested to see how we handle the world stage.  We have played in big events before - World Championships, Pan Am Games, etc. - but we have never experienced the distractions that come along with the Olympics.  In the past week, I have had more media requests, Facebook friend requests and ticket requests than I have had in my previous 10 years with the national team.  

CB - Do you have any pregame rituals? What are they?

KS - I always shower right before we leave for the game.  If I feel tired I take a freezing cold shower to wake myself up.  Other than that not very superstitious and warm ups are annoying, I just want to start playing the game.  

CB - Who is the teammate that you are most excited to see take the floor for the first Olympic game?  Why?

KS - Shona Thorburn.  Shona and I got matching Canada Basketball tattoos in college prior to the 2004 Athens Olympics.  We were really confident we were going to make it but it didn't happen.  It has been a long 8 years.  Also excited to see Chelsea play in London.  We have been in the program together for a decade.  It’s great to see good things happen to great people. 

CB - What advice would you give to young athletes who are pursuing an Olympic dream? 

KS - Be relentless.  Olympic dreams are hard.   It took me countless failures and heartbreaks to go along with multiple injuries.  Know that you will have to put in a lot of work and make a lot of sacrifices.  In the end, Olympic bound or not, you want to be able to say you gave it everything you could, no regrets. 

CB - Tell us something special or unique about yourself that we might not know.

KS - As a child I dreamed of growing up to be a whale trainer.   One trip to the Vancouver aquarium as a 6 year old instilled it.  Glad I didn't pursue it the way I did basketball.  I can't picture it being more exciting than this.  

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Below is the Canadian preliminary schedule, with the broadcast information.

Time (EDT)
TV Broadcast
Saturday, July 28
6:15 a.m.

London Basketball Arena

Monday, July 30
3:00 p.m.
Great Britain

London Basketball Arena

Wednesday, August 1
4:00 a.m.

London Basketball Arena

Friday, August 3
9:30 a.m.

London Basketball Arena

Sunday, August 5
9:30 a.m.

London Basketball Arena