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impact section update

As March Madness nears, NCAA Canadian Impact takes a look at some of our athletes who have made a significant contribution to college hoops this season.

 March 1, 2013
 Anthony Bennett & Natalie Achonwa
 March 5, 2013
 Kyle Wiltjer & Olivier Hanlan









 March 6, 2013
 Jordan Bachynski & Wumi Agunbiade
 March 7, 2013
 Dwight Powell & Sim Bhullar









 March 8, 2013
 Michelle Plouffe & Khem Birch
 March 11, 2013
 Kelly Olynyk & Katherine Plouffe









 March 12, 2013
 Kevin Pangos & Nik Stauskas
 March 13, 2013
 Junior Cadougan & Nirra Fields









 March 14, 2013
 Kayla Alexander & Brady Heslip














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