With the first training camp fast approaching, the busy summer is ready to kick off. Canada Basketball catches up with the athletes to capture their excitement for the summer of preparation. Today, we speak with Shona Thorburn, who has played with the Senior Women's National Team since 2002. 

Canada Basketball (CB):
What area of your game are you looking to work on this summer?

Shona Thorburn (ST): I think I bring a lot of experience and leadership and I want to build on that.  Help make my teammates play the best basketball they are capable of. 

CB: Describe the feeling you get when you receive an invitation to try out for the Senior Women’s National Team.

ST: It's a great honour.  There is no other feeling like representing your country. 

CB: It’s a busy summer with a major exhibition series against Brazil. How excited are you to square off against another top-ten team in the world?

ST: Our summer is packed with great competition, and to kick it off with three games against Brazil in CANADA is awesome.  They are a very talented team, big, strong, aggressive, and play with a lot of energy and pride. It's going to be a great way for us to start our summer. 

CB: You’ve been with the SWNT for 12 years, and lot of your teammates are seasoned veterans too. Can you give us an inside look at the atmosphere or this team? How close is this group?

ST: We are a very tight knit group.  We care about each other on and off the court, I think that's also why we can battle and push each other to be better in practice and games.  I get to play for Canada with some of my best friends.... Words can't describe what that feels like.