(Photo: Sport4Ontario)


New legislation, to be introduced later today, would help protect students engaging in school sports and health and physical education classes from the potentially serious, long-term and harmful effects of concussions. It would also ensure that students who sustain concussions are not returning to play or learn too soon, risking further complications.

The Education Amendment Act (Concussions), 2012 is part of a new concussion strategy that will:

  • provide resources to parents, teachers and school staff about the seriousness of concussions
  • build awareness beyond schools about the dangers of concussions and how they should be managed
  • establish a committee to provide advice on concussion prevention, identification and management in schools and to study how evidence-based resources can be best used.

Creating safer schools is part of the McGuinty government's plan to support student success while securing a brighter future for all Ontarians.

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