Andrew Nicholson is excited for a European tour after a strong FIBA Americas tournament in 2013.


Q: What’s to be gained in this summer?

A: Just playing together. We have to get experience.

Q: This is the third summer you guys have gotten together to do this. Is this part of building the culture?

A: It all makes sense. We come together and work on our games together. Coach put us through our sets, we get to know each other better and we get a feel for each other’s games.


Q: Even if the other guys like Anthony Bennett and Tristan Thompson aren’t playing, is it still meaningful to see them in the gym?

A: It’s good that they came, it’s good to see them. I know they have other obligations but we just have to go out there and do our best.


Q: This is a young team, but you have NBA experience. How will that help with the guys who only have college or university experience?

A: I only have one year of international experience, so I’m still learning too. But the NBA experience does help, learning to play smarter basketball.


Q: What is your experience in the international game?

A: It’s a different set of rules and I’m still trying to learn it myself. Not a lot of teams in the NBA go into a zone defence, so playing against zone is tough.

Q: What works for you in international basketball?

A: I’m versatile so I can go on the block or shoot an outside shot.