Dwight Powell met with media members to express what he's looking forward to on the trip. 

Q: How important is learning the international game?

It’s definitely important. A lot of national teams have been playing the international game much longer than we have, so getting over there and getting to compete with some of the best teams in the world at the international level is important.

Q: What other opportunities to bond?

First and foremost, to come in here and go on the tour. It's imporant to build that camaraderie.

Q: What is the Canadian identity?

We’re always going to work hard. Play hard, play tough. Defensive minded. Try to stop people and just play hard, because our biggest thing is just to play harder than other teams. 

Q: There are a lot of smart basketball minds here. What is like to learn in this environment?

It’s really a blessing. The amount of knowledge they have to impart on us is unlimited and it’s our responsibilities as players to act like sponges and soak up as much as we can. They’re really mentors.