Q: How are you going to rebound from the disappointment of last year? 

A: I wouldn’t say last year was a disappointment because we learned. This year, there’s a lot of learning and every day we’ve got to take a step forward.


Q: For somebody who has been the program for a long time, is there more urgency to have success now?

A: I wouldn’t say there is urgency for me necessarily because once you are a part of the pool you’re always going to be a part of the success. Seeing the individual success is a great accomplishment.


Q: How much of a responsibility do you feel to be a leader?

A: It’s a big responsibility. I know when I was one of the younger guys, the older guys really showed me the ropes. Guys like Jesse Young and even Rowan Barrett himself were big mentors. I’m sure I can help a lot of the guys and work towards success.


Q: What type of things does the coach try to work you through in these three days to get ready for the tour?

A: We have a young group so just getting them more acclimated with the European style of play. It’s not what we are accustomed to back home. It’s a quick learning curve and that’s what we are focusing on. We need preparation for these situations.


Q: Is there something specific that the team will have to adjust in their games to make this work?

A: A lot more ball movement. You need to use your teammates, playing off each other and making sure we stay together as a core group. We have to work together. The European style of play is a lot different. It is way more team-oriented and you have to use each other to be successful.


Q: What does it mean to see Canadians get drafted No.1 overall two years in a row?

A: It’s tremendous. Just to see them coming up and knowing you’re a part of that process is great. I can’t say enough about the young talent that we have.