FIBA U18 Americas Championship 2018 Volunteer Opportunities | Canada Basketball

FIBA U18 Americas Championship 2018 Volunteer Opportunities

Canada Basketball and the 2021 Canada Summer Games Host Society are now accepting applications from interested volunteers to help support the event.

The FIBA U18 Americas Championship 2018 will require more than 200 volunteers and the organizing committee is calling on the local community to get involved. Volunteers are required in several areas, including operations, sport technical, media centre, sport presentation, as well as hospitality.

For more information and to sign up to volunteer at the FIBA U18 Americas Championship 2018, click here.  For questions, please email 





Awards & Ceremonies

Assist with the execution of all ceremonies, including opening and closing ceremonies and other ceremonies connected to the tournament around the city and area.

Team Canada Family

Assist with setup and take-down, ensure signage is up and presentable, access control logistics/check accreditation, manage and assist with coat-check, provide game programs, monitor food/beverage levels, and keep area tidy and free of garbage. Volunteers will escort family to/from the hotel shuttle to the lounge and to/from lounge to seats. Volunteers will be on hand to welcome, host and answer questions.

VIP Lounges

Assist with the hospitality of VIPs at the arena and throughout the city. VIPs include, but are not limited to, FIBA members, Canada Basketball members, NBA members, government dignitaries and sponsors.

Fan / Info Services

Manage information desks at the airport (arrival day only), various host hotels and venues, as well as other information kiosks throughout the city.


Greet and welcome guests to the accreditation centre. Record all necessary guest information. Verify photo identification. Produce and distribute event accreditation.


Support the event's technical requirements. Assist with the distribution of event IT equipment. Organize hardware installations and assist in maintaining equipment operations prior to and throughout the tournament, including scorer's table, media tribune, media working room, meeting rooms, etc.


Coordinate and liaise with private security staff on the strategic day to day operations of the Security Task Force as it relates to competing teams, officials, VIPs, game/practice venues, hotels, and heightened security within identified areas. Check accreditations to ensure only those accredited individuals gain access to restricted areas.


Shuttle of guests to/from venues. Drive along pre-determined routes outlined by the event. Vehicles will be SUVs, minivans or cube vans supplied by the championship. Individuals applying to work in transportation will be required to submit a driver's abstract and must be at least 25 years old with a valid passport and G license. Act as a parking attendant.

Content and Publications

Research and create stories, articles, editorials as required and according to plans and policies. Assist with the development of various information manuals.


Take photos leading up to and during the event. A daily list of photo requirements will be provided. All photos will be submitted to the host organizing committee post event.

Media Operations

Assist with set-up and take-down of the media tribune, media work room and mixed zone. Keep tidy throughout event including restocking supplies. Provide assistance for journalists, keep information flowing, distribute press kits as journalists arrive. Organize information, operate in-house clipping service, prepare name cards for the athletes at press conferences and for assigned media seating, and coordinate interview requests. Act as a runner and deliver information and box scores as required. Escort athletes to press conferences and run hand-held microphones to journalists during interviews. Monitor mixed zone area, assist with flow patterns of user groups and escort athletes to/from mixed zone.

Social Media

Write, translate and post content on social media avenues according to the social media plan and policies. Take and post photos and/or video. Monitor postings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Volunteers in social media may also be required to assist with monitoring social media sites in the months leading up to the event.

Fan Fest / Marketing

Work with production company on the setup, teardown and execution of the Fan Fest activities. Work at information booths. Will require volunteers to be present on Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10.

In-Game Activities

Assist with the execution of in-game and halftime activities and sponsor activations.


Responsible for preparing and cleaning the playing court and surrounding area. Straighten courtside signage that gets knocked over during warmup and the game. Assist in cleaning benches after the game.

Ball Kids

Distribute and collect the basketballs. Shag balls during warmup. Place balls in racks and put racks behind bench during game. Straighten courtside signage that gets knocked over during warmup and the game. Assist in preparing the court for the game and cleaning benches after the game.

Program Distribution

Distribute programs at the venue entrances.


Assist in set-up and tear down of merchandise area. Oversee selling of merchandise and handling of money. Keep a record of sales. Provide an inventory of gear at the end of each day.

School Program / NCCP Super Clinic / Junior NBA World Championship Canada Regional

Support additional events held before and throughout the tournament including setup, tear down, ensuring all signage is up and presentable, help with registration, and interact with participants and visitors.

Medical Services

Doctors are required to be onsite for all games throughout the championship. Therapists will also be onsite at practices and games to assist with any medical emergencies.

Team Attaches

Manage all aspects around the team's stay during the event, including but not limited to: food and beverage, transportation, communications, etc. The Team Attaches are to be with their team at all times including during any pre-event training that might take place in St. Catharines. Team Attaches will stay with the team at their designated hotel and will provide support for the team's head of delegation. Depending on travel plans, Team Attaches can expect to start with their team no later than June 8 to June 17. Being fluent in Spanish is an asset.

FIBA Officiating Team Attaches

Assistance in all organisational issues related to the FIBA Officiating Team. Ensure dressing rooms are unlocked upon arrival and stocked with beverages, towels and snacks. Coordinate communication with the Host. Distribution of relevant information.

Venue Setup / Teardown / Pageantry

Be available on June 7, 8 and 9 to assist with the venue set up. This may include heavy lifting and being on your feet for long periods of time. Examples of jobs include: installing signs, setting up tables and chairs, building temporary structures, unloading trucks. For teardown be available in the late evening June 16 or on June 17 to assist with the removal and dismantle of all event supplies, equipment and materials. If volunteers do wish, they may be assigned to second role during the event.  Help install and remove event signage and pageantry. Check signs on a daily basis to ensure there are no damaged or missing signs. Let Host know if any replacement signs are needed and work with signage supplier if necessary.

Anti-Doping Chaperones

Assist with anti-doping procedures.

Practice Venues

Prepare the venues before/after each practice session and assist teams. Support with team services (water, ice, towels).

Team Services

Offer support to teams in the competition venue and assist in setting up team dressing rooms and benches by ensuring each area is stocked with beverages, equipment supplies, medical supplies, and snacks. Coordinate laundry services and clean dressing rooms under direction of team personnel. Assists in equipment transfer, packing bags and loading buses, including transfer of laundry.

Volunteer Operations

Assist with volunteer lounge setup and take-down, check accreditation at entry, check-in and monitor volunteers on duty, ensure all volunteers have an assignment, and monitor food/beverage levels.