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A Parent’s First Experience With Steve Nash Youth Basketball



Nov 1, 2016

As a basketball dad/parent I thought a great post for the SNYB Blog would be my experience introducing my girls to a local SNYB summer program. And yes, I wouldn't be writing if it wasn't a great one. In fact, it prompted me to learn more about the program (and become a contributor!).

First, some background. I've loved and played basketball since my dad bolted a rim to our old brick house in Hamilton, Ontario (I won't mention what decade)! Maybe I'll post more about that another day, but thanks pa!

I played school basketball only up to the high school level, then intramural basketball in university.  There wasn't much opportunity back then, at least that we had access to. I'd like to think I would have made the NBA with more training (probably not OK, totally not).

Today, I still try and get out weekly with the same elementary school friends I started out with. That's about as cool as it gets to play with lifelong friends every week. Even more fun, I love to watch my own 3 children bounce a ball as we shoot around the driveway.

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