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Canada basketball

Canadian Basketball Has Arrived – by Steve Nash

"With two seasons left in my NBA career, I'm still busy and obsessed as ever with the game of basketball.

And in 2012, I was named the general manager of the Canadian national team. You might ask: Why would I accept such a prominent, important management role in Canadian hoops while I'm still playing?

Indeed, it's an odd situation. Ability-wise, it's a team for which I could still play. But playing GM is a whole different game. I've often asked myself whether I can do the job while I'm physically absent essentially 50 weeks of the year. (Some others might just be asking: "How did he get that gig?")

I took the position early (before I retired) because it doesn't take much to see the pipeline of potential running through the Canadian ranks -- from 12-year-olds to star college players such as Andrew Wiggins to NBA players such as Tristan Thompson and now Anthony Bennett.

Canadian basketball has arrived."

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