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How Does Steve Nash Youth Basketball Train Young Athletes?


Nov 6, 2015

What is the LTAD Model?  

The SNYB curriculum is based on the Long-Term Athlete Development [LTAD] Model, an athlete centred, coach driven training model for athletes of all ages and disciplines.

Developed by Canadian leaders in youth sport, the LTAD Model integrates everything from high performance and community sport, to physical education and the health of the nation.

By encouraging healthy, lifelong activity and providing a training path for competitive athletes, SNYB and the LTAD Model works for everyone.  

How do SNYB athletes develop?

SNYB develops athletes in the early stages of the LTAD Model, focusing on developing physical literacy and providing young athletes with the foundational tools they need to be successful in sport for life.

Aligned with the Canada Basketball development pathway, SNYB accommodates athletes who pursue high performance sport with drill progressions and modifications to further develop sport skills and confidence.

What is chronological age?  And developmental age?  

Chronological age refers to how old you are – the number of years since birth.  Traditionally chronological age has been the most important qualifier in youth sport, including sport entry, team selection, and training programs.

The preferred approach is developmental age, which instead refers to the physical, mental, and emotional maturity of an individual.  Everyone develops at their own pace, and two young athletes of the same chronological age may differ vastly in maturity and development.

By identifying early, average, and late maturing youth athletes, LTAD programs like SNYB are able to design and implement appropriate training and competition practices for everyone involved.

SNYB gives young athletes the best chance to develop new skills, experience success, and stay involved in sport with a curriculum grounded in athlete development research, and regular updates to lesson plans and drills keep the program fresh, challenging, and fun for all participants.  

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