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Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program to Be Implemented in Lockeport Community


Jan 10, 2017

A population of 588, some strong fishing traditions, roughly two kilometres of land mass and a single gymnasium suitable enough for the masses. Not exactly a sure-fire recipe to drum up enthusiasm for a booming sports culture. But out by the beach and water in little old Lockeport - that is exactly what has happened for generations.

"The sporting culture really goes back many years," says Frances Scott, the community coordinator of Lockeport for more than 14 years.

"Our town is coming up on 110 years of existence and when I was recently going through some files in the office I saw a sports play bill from 1897 outlining how the town was getting ready for its seventh annual sports meet across the beach. So it's incredible how far back it goes.

"Baseball and basketball have dominated the sports programs here and in particular when we offer basketball games at the school. It's not just the parents and children who come out. It's completely packed and the community is there."

And for her part, Scott has taken notice.

With many media outlets - including NBA Canada and Solutions Research Group to name a few - naming basketball as the fastest growing sport in the country in recent years, the Shelburne County native is wasting no time in getting with the times.