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Women in Basketball Month celebrates and empowers women throughout March


Mar 7, 2021

Women in Basketball Month, a webinar series that celebrates and empowers women across all aspects of our game, tipped off on International Women’s Day on March 8. 

The Tip-Off event featured Senior Women’s National Team members Bridget Carleton and Miah-Marie Langlois, as well as Canada Basketball alum Bev Smith. 

Representing both the past and present of Canadian Basketball, the three spoke about their journey with the game, using basketball as a platform for change, and offered advice to the next generation. 

This panel was followed by a “A Conversation with BIPOC Women in Basketball” and "Women in the Business of Basketball" later in the week.

Week 2 of the event was focused on all things coaching, where participants had the chance to hear from female trailblazers including the Senior Women's National Team, head coach Lisa Thomaidis, and Raptors 905 assistant coach Brittni Donaldson, who made history as the youngest assistant coach in the NBA when she was on the sidelines with the Raptors during their 2019-2020 season.

"Coach Our Game" was capped off with a virtual on-court professional development session with national team coaches Steve Baur and Carly Clarke.

Women in Basketball month will run through April 1, 2021 and features over 20 hours of programming including: workshops, panel discussions, fireside chats and professional development opportunities.  

The four-week series will provide women involved in our game the opportunity to grow their knowledge, build their skill sets and empower them to make a difference. Each week will focus on different aspect of the game including playing, coaching, officiating and development.

  • March 8-14 – Grow Our Game
  • March 15-21 – Coach Our Game
  • March 22-28 – Ref Our Game
  • March 29 - Apr 1 – Play Our Game

In collaboration with Canadian Women and Sport, Canada Basketball will also be offering professional development workshops on a variety of topics throughout the month, including: LGBTQ+ inclusivity, work-life balance, effective communication and leadership.

Attendees can gain access to all 12 sessions hosted by Canada Basketball over the course of the month for just $25, while each individual Canadian Women and Sport workshops can be purchased separately for $15 each.  

Alternatively, interested participants can secure access to all sessions and workshops throughout the month through a premium package for $65.00, a $20 savings.

Proceeds from the Women in Basketball Month will be donated directly to the Canada Basketball Foundation (CBF), which will see the funds reinvested in developing gender equity programs, focused to keep girls and women involved in the game of basketball.

To purchase your ticket or learn more information about Women in Basketball month, please visit:

Women in Basketball Month Schedule: 

Grow Our Game

March 8: The Tip Off: Celebrating Our Game

March 10: SHE LEADS! The Journey: A Conversation with BIPOC Women in Basketball

Every woman forges her own path throughout her sporting career. For women in the BIPOC community, their paths are marked by unique challenges that many others will not face. In this session, we will hear from various Indigenous and Women of Colour to learn about overcoming obstacles and proving that they deserve a seat at the table. Through storytelling and sharing, participants will gain perspective on the sport experience of those in marginalized groups.

March 12: Women in Business of Basketball

Women have a critical role to play in the business of basketball. In this session we will chat with women who are leading the way in professional basketball, learn how their role impacts the game, and how they got their start. Participants can expect to get a sneak peak into the world of professional basketball organizations and learn more about the global basketball scene.

March 13: Workshop: LGBTQI2S Inclusion in Sport*

This workshop provides sport leaders, including coaches, athletes, officials, with the opportunity to understand what LGBTQphobia is and how it can hurt their organization. From understanding lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and two spirit (LGBTQI2S) language and dealing with sensitive issues such as same-sex relationships amongst teammates, to reviewing policies and practices to ensure they are equitable, this session allows for an open and honest conversation about LGBTQphobia and the important role sport leaders, including coaches, can play in making sport more accepting of sexual and gender diversity.

Coach Our Game

March 15: SHE COACHES! Set Yourself Up for Success

What does it take to be an elite female basketball coach? How did these women get where they are today? In this session we will chat with women at various stages in their coaching careers: seasoned veterans & national champions, and just breaking into the professional scene. Participants will gain insight into the pathways of these female coaches, value of coach education and what it takes to coach at various high performance levels.

March 18: Workshop: Creating Work-life Balance*

For many women, balancing the demands of work, family, friends, and personal time is a challenge. This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to explore a variety of strategies to add more balance to their lives.

March 19: Coaching with the Boys: Brittni Donalson’s Coaching Journey

Join our host to learn about Brittni Donaldson’s coaching journey. Starting her career as a data analyst for the Toronto Raptors, Brittni worked her way up to a courtside seat on the bench. In 2020 she became the youngest assistant coach in the NBA. Now working with the Raptors 905, learn about her journey coaching men’s professional basketball, working with an all male staff, and how she transitioned her role from statistical analysis to coaching.

March 20: Professional Development: Session 1 – On-Court Hot Stove with National Team Coaches AND Session 2 – Building a Winning Mentality

In this session coaches will learn what it takes to build a team with a winning mentality from a National Team Psychologist and Mental Performance Consultant.

Ref Our Game

March 22: SHE REFS! Making the Right Call - Opportunities for Female Referee in Basketball

Have you ever thought about picking up a whistle and continuing your involvement in basketball as a referee, growing your knowledge of the game while giving back? In this session we will chat with women who bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “Get in the Game,” through their role as referees. Participants will gain an understanding of the unique role basketball referees play and will see the opportunities available to females in basketball officiating. Take the next step on your basketball journey. 

March 23: Workshop: Effective Communication*

In the workplace, and on the basketball floor, effective communication is the foundation for better job performance and relationship building. After this workshop participants will be more strategic and efficient in their communication.

March 24: Breaking Barriers & Building New Paths for Female Officials - Addressing Barriers to Women in Officiating

This session will take an in-depth look at some of the barriers for female participants in officiating in Canada. We will look to identify those barriers and discuss solutions to ensure female referees can succeed. 

March 25: PD Session: Protect the Shooter

Nadine Crowley provides a session, including videos, on the critical skill of officiating shooters. Get the play right when it involves a shooter and other parts of officiating a game fall into place.

March 27: NOCP 1 Workshop 

The NOCP Level 1 training is for referees early in their officiating journey who are mainly refereeing school based or local youth leagues. It is for those referees who have completed the Recreational Referee course or would like to progress to officiating beyond a junior community level. This training aims to equip participants with an understanding of the rules and the role of a referee in community level games. It is a prerequisite to advance through NOCP Levels 2 to 5. 

Play Our Game

March 29: Workshop: Leading with Confidence*

This interactive workshop is designed to uplift the skills of the next generation of Canadian sport leaders – university and college aged young women involved in sport and physical activity (e.g. varsity athletes, kinesiology or sport management students). Participants will explore the experiences of female leaders, reflect on the value of sport and physical activity in their leadership journey, and consider how they can further develop their skills to be strong leaders now and in the future.

March 30: SHE PLAYS! Passing the Torch: Continuing to Give Back to your Basketball Community

Basketball is more than just a game played on a court. It’s a community, a lifestyle, a family. In this session participants will hear from former players that have continued their involvement in the game off the court. Learn about grassroots community initiatives, and how these women have used the game to increase their social connections, communities, and involvement in sport. Participants will surely see how basketball has shaped the identity of these women.

April 1: Building your Mindfulness Practice

Join us for a lively discussion and experience of “mindfulness.”  Learn why many high-performers & professionals turn to mindfulness for enhanced personal well-being and improved performance.   Mindfulness includes attitudes and skills that can increase your coping and recovery from sport and life’s stressors.  It is also used by many high-performers for increased concentration in high-intensity moments.   In this session you will be introduced to some core concepts, and be guided in some beginning steps for building a mindfulness practice.   

* Hosted by Canadian Women and Sport