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What Makes A Good Steve Nash Youth Basketball Coach?


Oct 16, 2015

#1 SNYB Coaches put the child first.

The number one goal of SNYB is to make basketball fun and enjoyable for ALL participants - regardless of age, experience, fitness, or ability.  Coaches are trained to ensure all players receive appropriate training to meet their unique needs including individualized instruction.  SNYB coaches embrace a child-centric philosophy that fosters a warm and welcome environment for all.

#2 SNYB Coaches have a plan.

A good coach always has a plan - a plan for a drill, for a practice, and for a season.  With the help of the SNYB curriculum, coach manual, and lesson plans, all SNYB coaches are equipped to run high-quality practices.

Young athletes have unique training requirements depending on their fitness and ability.  SNYB coaches are able to maximize their training sessions by preparing drills, games, and activities that both accommodate and challenge all participants.

#3 SNYB coaches are role models.

SNYB coaches are expected to hold themselves to a high standard both on and off the court as they maintain the values of the SNYB program and ultimately act as a role model to the young athletes who look up to them.

SNYB coaches take on the serious responsibility of leading an entire program, driving player participation and development, and supporting the education and involvement of parents, volunteers, and other community members.  

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