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What Makes A Good Steve Nash Youth Basketball Parent?


Oct 23, 2015

#1 SNYB Parents are positive.

Parents/guardians of SNYB participants serve a number of roles, but most importantly they need to be positive. SNYB parents are mentors and role models. By providing motivation, positive reinforcement and emotional support while fostering relationships with coaches, officials, and other parents, they set a great example for their children.

#2 SNYB Parents are involved.

Key to the mission of SNYB is to engage parents/guardians into an active role in the program both during and between sessions. SNYB parents are encouraged to play a supportive role in their child's development and nurture their sport experience so that it is fun, safe, and valuable.

#3 SNYB Parents are educated on the program.

The SNYB Parent Guide is provided to all parents/guardians at the start of the season. It is a valuable educational tool which covers athlete development, youth health and wellness, communication strategies, and more. Parents are encouraged to visit the FOR PARENTS section at for supplementary resources, and the SNYB Blog to stay up to date with the latest trends in the youth sport environment.

Finally, parents can join a national conversation by connecting with SNYB on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For more information and to find a SNYB club near you, please visit