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Why Does Steve Nash Youth Basketball Use 3x3 Competition?


Oct 30, 2015

The 3x3 basketball model continues to rise in popularity, especially for teaching purposes.  Here's why.

#1 More passing and touches.

Developing players need the ball in their hands often.

In the traditional 5x5 game, superior athletes can be successful by keeping the ball, dribbling the entire court, and scoring all by themselves.  Meanwhile their four teammates might not even touch the basketball.

In 3x3, everyone needs to be involved for a team to experience success!  Each player will touch the ball on almost every possession, allowing for more engagement and skill repetition.

#2 More spacing and scoring.

Spacing is a key concept at all levels of basketball, allowing players the time to make decisions and the room to apply skills.  Thanks to fewer bodies on the floor, 3x3 competition offers SNYB athletes more space to operate.

3x3 opens up the court and lets players practice new skills and make better decisions.  This leads to better scoring chances, increased success, and improvements player in confidence.  

#3 More participation and skill development.

With just 6 players on the court (compared to 10) the 3x3 model allows every athlete almost twice as many opportunities to impact a play.  This increase in meaningful touches translates to more skill development.

Specifically, 3x3 encourages athletes to learn the full range of skills from ball handling, to jump shots, to post moves.  This way, SNYB athletes are not pushed into playing a single position before they are physically mature.  Instead, they build a base of skills that they can apply regardless of position.  

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