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Why Should I Join Steve Nash Youth Basketball?


Nov 13, 2015

#1 Because SNYB plays and trains the right way!

SNYB gives young athletes the best opportunity to learn, develop, and succeed - regardless of their sport, abilities, or level of competition.

In order for all players to build a foundation for physical literacy, SNYB has designed its curriculum based on the Sport Canada Long-Term Athlete Development [LTAD] Model and leading research in the field of youth sport development.

SNYB is also the first step in the Canada Basketball Athlete Development Pathway, ensuring that the training and lesson plans prepare young athletes for success at the next level.

#2 Because SNYB educates coaches and parents!

SNYB understands that coaches and parents have a significant impact on both the physical and emotional development of young athletes.  By prioritizing coach and parent education, SNYB hopes to give every player the support structure they need to succeed.

All coaches with SNYB participate in the NCCP FUNdamentals workshop and receive a host of resources, including the SNYB Coach Manual, Drill Bank, Lesson Pans, and more!  Additional coaching resources can be found at, or by joining in the conversation with SNYB on Facebook or Twitter.  

All parents receive a brand-new SNYB Parent Guide, an invaluable resource for any sport parent full of information on athlete development, health and nutrition, communication strategies, and more!  Additional parent resources can also be found online at

#3 Because SNYB is great for kids!

SNYB makes training fun!  Youth sport is really all about keeping kids engaged, maximizing participation, encouraging skill experimentation, and learning through games.  And these are cornerstones of the SNYB curriculum.

But SNYB knows that good youth sports is about more than just putting a ball in the basket.  That's why SNYB builds valuable life lessons like teamwork, self-confidence, and work ethic right into the lesson plans.

To learn more about SNYB and how you can join, click here!