Frequently Asked Questions

To make an online donation, or to set up recurring donations, you can donate here. Canada Basketball Foundation also accepts cheques, payable to:

Canada Basketball Foundation
1 Westside Drive, Suite 11
Toronto, ON
M9C 1B2

For further questions on donations to the Canada Basketball Foundation, please contact

Yes, as a registered charity, donations to the Canada Basketball Foundation of an amount over $200.00 are eligible for tax receipts. Tax receipts are automatically generated for any donations made online through our donation page. Any other inquiries about tax receipts can be addressed to

The UNIFIED Assist Program works to identify and support community programs and initiatives focusing on increasing access to the game by assisting to remove barriers organizations are facing within underserved, under-represented or marginalized communities across Canada by providing financial support, as well as opportunities for development through Canada Basketball alignment programs.

Community organizations are eligible to apply for support through the UNIFIED Assist  Program if they are based and performing services in Canada, and who are:

  • A registered charity
  • A registered non-profit or not-for-profit organization, program, or initiative
  • Registered Municipalities
  • Metis, Inuit, or First Nation community/band

To be eligible to apply for support, the organization’s program or initiative that is delivered in 2024. If your organization meets this criteria, apply now HERE.

If you have more questions about Eligibility criteria, visit the UNIFIED Assist Program page HERE, or download the Canada Basketball Foundation Application Handbook HERE.

Instructions for applying for a grant will be provided on the foundation's website or in the grant application guidelines.

The Canada Basketball Foundation has three (3) development pathways; 1) Coaching and Officiating, 2) Youth Sport Leadership, and 3) Youth Basketball Development. Learn more about each development pathway, their alignment requirements, and eligible/in-eligible expenses in the Canada Basketball Foundation Grant Application Handbook HERE.

Deadlines for UNIFIED Assist Program expression of interest applications is February 5th, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET. All applications must be submitted online HERE.

For more information on application eligibility, the application process and timelines, please visit the UNIFIED Assist Program page HERE.

Learn about the UNIFIED Assist Program application process and the application review process in the Canada Basketball Foundation Grant Application Handbook HERE.

Grant applicants will typically be notified of a decision via email if they are selected for a grant by May 31st, 2024. If you are not selected for a grant, you will still be notified. Access to alignment programs and additional support will still be offered to the organization to help them better align their program to reapply next year. The Canada Basketball Foundation will publicly announce its UNIFIED Assist Program grant recipients in summer of 2024.

If you receive a grant, you will be required to provide a Grant Impact Report within 90 days of program completion, to the Canada Basketball Foundation on the outcomes of your program or initiative that received funding support. The foundation may also require you to submit financial reports and/or provide additional information as necessary. Read more on Grant Impact Reporting and other grant recipient commitments in the Canada Basketball Foundation Grant Application Handbook HERE.

The Canada Basketball Foundation has established an unbiased and professional selection committee made up of Canada Basketball staff members, and Canada Basketball Foundation Board of Directors. The selection committee will evaluate applications using both a program and diversity, equity and inclusion scorecard, which will ultimately determine the applicants who will be awarded a grant. Read more on the scoring process in the Canada Basketball Foundation Grant Application Handbook HERE.

The typical grant amount will vary depending on the specific grant program and the size and scope of the project or initiative. Grants typically range between $1,000-10,000, but will never exceed $20,000 CAD.

Organizations who are not selected for grant support will be placed in the UNIFIED Assist Program Development Pool, where they will still be eligible for ongoing support and development through various Canada Basketball alignment programs such as NCCP and NOCP certifications, the Jr. NBA program, the Canada Basketball Verification Program and Safe Sport training. Community groups in the Development Pool will also be considered for potentially unmatched experiences offered through Canada Basketball and Canada Basketball Foundation.

All applicants may schedule a feedback call after June 1st, 2024, to improve their application for next year.

Yes, there may be restrictions on how the grant funds can be used. These non-eligible expenses are listed in the Canada Basketball Foundation Grant Application Handbook HERE.

No, your organization can only apply for one (1) grant for one (1) program or initiative per the UNIFIED Assist Program grant application period. If your organization receives a grant, you are ineligible to reapply for a grant through the UNIFIED Assist Program for the next three (3) years. If you are not selected for a grant, you may continue to reapply each year. 

If you are selected as a UNIFIED Assist Program grant recipient and the outcomes of your delivered program are deemed exceptionally successful (based on feedback, Grant Impact Report scoring, etc.), Canada Basketball and the Canada Basketball Foundation may potentially consider reinvesting in your program through the development of a long-term UNIFIED Partnership. Learn more about UNIFIED Partnerships HERE.