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What is Basketball Club and Association Excellence?

"Basketball Club and Association Excellence" is the recommendations of Canada Basketball for best practices in the operations of clubs and minor basketball associations.  This program is a self-assessment tool for clubs and minor basketball associations that identifies best practices in five key areas of operations:

  1. LTAD Implementation & Program Delivery - Clubs/associations are expected to adopt the LTAD Model as a reference paradigm for all programming & competitions, to ensure athletes receive healthy and developmentally appropriate coaching and training;

  2. Coaching - Clubs/associations are expected to ensure that all participating coaches adopt CS4L/LTAD framework through stage-appropriate NCCP training, and are supported in their pursuits of additional development opportunities;

  3. Team - Clubs/associations are expected to maintain the safety of their participants through safe and responsible programming, training and facilities;

  4. Membership & Registration - Clubs/associations are expected to maintain regular communication with their Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization, and engage detailed record keeping for provincial/national records purposes;

  5. Governance & Administration - Clubs/associations are expected to implement a formalized governance structure, including club/association By Laws (Constitution) and a commitment to the future development of the club/association.

This Canada Basketball initiative is intended to help basketball clubs and associations across the country consistently adhere to a best practice set of standards in providing developmental opportunities, programming and services to basketball players in their communities.

This tool will also help clubs and minor basketball associations, along with the PTSOs, to track progress towards achieving EXCELLENCE through the meeting and exceeding of the basic operating principles within each area.

To access the Canada Basketball "Basketball Club and Association Excellence" document, click here.

Benefits of Basketball Club and Association Excellence:

Canada Basketball is committed to working with our communities to develop mechanisms to build a world-class environment where athletes, coaches, referees and volunteers work together to provide a thriving basketball atmosphere.

The clubs and associations that adhere to the criteria of the "Basketball Club and Association Excellence" in their programs and practices will receive accreditation from Canada Basketball.  This sanction status and subsequent brand association is a valuable tool that can be used to further promote and develop the club/association in the future.

Accredited Clubs & Associations:


Basketball Program & Website


None at the moment.

British Columbia

None at the moment.


None at the moment.

New Brunswick

None at the moment.

Nova Scotia

None at the moment.

Newfoundland & Labrador

None at the moment.

Northwest Territories

None at the moment.


None at the moment.


None at the moment.

Prince Edward Island

None at the moment.


West Island Lakers Basketball Association


Regina Community Basketball Association


None at the moment.

How can my association apply for accreditation through the Basketball Club and Association Program?

In order to become a Canada Basketball Accredited Basketball Club/Association, simply complete the self-assessment tool and send an email to addressing all the criteria in the document. Canada Basketball will contact you to approve your Association or to ask additional questions.